Shaving Israel at Sababa

September 18, 2022
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Shaving Israel at Sababa, the AWESOME event to support Israel!
Left to right:
Volunteer Meira Ganel, President Laura Goldmeier, Board Member SaraJoan Rezak.

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Dr. Bryan Sharp (Strong Israel supporter and Founder of the Gentile Ministry) (on the right) discusses Israel issues with Shaving Israel Board Member Irl Solomon at Sababa.

Shaving Israel received a request from a local welfare department.
Can you help a soldier in need?

YES we can
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Our package to the soldier included:
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A thermal shirt, 3 pairs of thermal socks, 2 dri-fit army T shirts, a sheet towel, a combination lock, a toiletry bag with toiletries, and a power bank for a mobile phone.
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The soldier was very moved and sent a big THANK YOU.

170 female soldiers serving at the Gaza border,
 received athletic wear for 
their training.

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Gaza border - training shirts for 170 female soldiers

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Gaza border - training shirt

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Gaza border - training shirts for 170 female soldiers - packaged 

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Shaving Israel's Founder Rachel Miller and President Laura Goldmeier spoke with KSDK Channel 5 on the latest issues with the local post office.
 See the interview here

Challenges For Lone Soldiers
(and others in combat)

Sunday, August 28
 3:30 PM at NHBZ
More here
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650 N Price Rd, Olivette, MO 63132

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IDF Veteran

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IDF Veteran.

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IDF Veteran.

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Our Founder in the news 

Post-Dispatch, Sunday October 2:
          The ad is from the Kaplan-Feldman Holocaust Museum, and announces the “Grand Opening” of the museum on Nov.2.

Above her photo are these words from Rachel:
“I tell my story because I am history.”

                                    Rachel Miller, Founder, Shaving Israel

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