Thank You, Evan!   

Evan's Bar Mitzvah
Evan lives in Florida. He and his family searched the web for a Bar Mitzvah project, and found Shaving Israel! We are proud to have been chosen.

Here is his message:
“For my Bar-Mitzvah project, I decided to work with an organization called Shaving Israel. My Savta told me about this organization and I have family who live in Israel and have served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). I learned that there are many soldiers who do not have family support and are struggling with financial hardships. I think it is important for men and women who are serving and protecting their country to have all the resources they need to be comfortable, warm, and clean. I have decided to do a general fundraiser for Shaving Israel. Shaving Israel will take our donations and purchase winter clothing, blankets, towels, phone chargers, and other personal items for IDF soldiers in need.
Shaving Israel uses volunteers to help distribute the items to the IDF soldiers. Shaving Israel has assisted 7,500 soldiers since it began in 2004.”

From the Board of Directors:
“Mazel Tov, Evan! Your Bar Mitzvah Project has had amazing results. Your generous and meaningful gift of $1632 to Shaving Israel resulted directly in a total of 33 IDF soldiers receiving some combination of thermal shirts, thermal shirts and socks, or thermal shirts, socks and jackets, according to their need. Congratulations! 33 IDF soldiers are grateful for your generosity.”